A Band of Gamers

Video Games and Music Podcast

Stay current with the fast-paced gaming industry and discover new music with three postive-minded co-hosts who balance both hobbies with life, family & career. Delivered in a casual, conversational style. It's like joining good mates in the pub for a chat and some laughs.

Episodes include gaming news, impressions of the latest video games, what's in their pint glasses, a recommended record, occasional new album reviews and other banter.



Created by Joel and Bill in 2012 originally as a website and supporting podcast for a community of gamers to write and share video game reviews. Bill left a year later and Shane joined thereafter. A music component (Side B) was then added but was already a part of the heritage. It's in the name. Karl became the third co-host in 2014 to form the power trio that is still going strong today.

A lot has changed throughout the years including a few tweaks to the format, but lifelong friendships have formed between Joel, Shane and Karl that helps fuel the ambition to keep creating new content.