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A Band of Gamers Podcast (ABOG)

Side A Video Games and Side B Music

Your two favorite hobbies in one podcast. Episodes include news and brews, impressions of the latest video games, opportunities to discover new music, and a passion for ever-expanding record collections. All of this brought to you by three positive-minded hosts who, like you, balance both hobbies with life, family and career.


Created by Joel in Bill in 2012 originally as a website and supporting podcast for a community of gamers to write and share video game reviews. Bill left a year later and Shane joined immediately thereafter. A music component (Side B) was then added and was already a part of the heritage. It's in the name. Karl became the third co-host in 2014 to form the power trio that is still going strong today.

A lot has changed throughout the years including tweaks to the format, but lifelong friendships have forged between Joel, Shane and Karl that help provide the fuel and ambition to keep creating new content. 

Meet the co-hosts

ABOG curates the MGC Music Stage at Midwest Gaming Classic