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122 Madden 17 Field Report

The mailman stiff arms his way to the fantasy football cookies while Joel tries to resist this year's Madden title. Shane paints a beautiful picture drifting his way down the block but needs to stop and catch his breath. Karl bangs the skins and relies on simple clicker gaming for relaxation.

0:10:00 Absolute Drift: Zen Edition Review

0:19:30 Playing

  • No Man's Sky // PlayStation 4
  • Adventure Capitalist // Steam
  • Half-Life 2 // Steam

0:28:30 Madden 17 Review

0:49:00 Music

  • Ryley Walker Golden Sings That Have Been Sung
  • Chris Porterfield of Field Report live from Joel's house

1:08:55 Post Game

  • Shout Outs
  • Cut (Outtake)

Music Played In This Episode

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Chris from @fieldreportmusic playing in front of my record collection. Honored.

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