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3 An Apple A Day Keeps A Gamer At Play

Is the iPad a viable gaming device? Bill and Joel share their impressions and discuss tablet gaming in general before switching gears to the Wii U launch details which also includes community discussion.

0:03:18 PS Vita Remote Play

0:15:50 Apple TV

0:30:39 PixelJunk Monsters

0:32:52 Madden NFL 13

0:40:32 Borderlands 2

0:43:00 iPad / Tablet Gaming (Host Topic)

0:43:38 Dead Trigger

0:55:15 Scribblenauts Remix

0:59:50 Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

1:06:07 NFL Kicker 13

1:20:45 Wii U Launch Details

1:45:55 Community Reviews

1:49:08 Community Events - NEW Red Dead Redemption (PS3)

1:51:28 Extra Life

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