Community Members Spotlight : AddedXP


This current generation of gaming comes with many positives and negatives that we as gamers love to argue about debate back and forth. For me, one of the highlights of this generation is the community that has been built up around gaming. I love being able to play, talk about, and listen to others discuss something that has brought me countless hours of fun, gaming. We have Twitter, Facebook, Google Circles, podcasts, console friends lists, and great sites like Retroids, A Band of Gamers, and many, many others that help this happen. Gaming has always been fun; Now, with and among others, it’s only better.

That sense of “gaming with others” is what started a conversation between Jeff (Rman5k) and myself (DriveForSix) a few years back. We both love and have a passion for gaming with larger communities, but first and foremost, we love gaming most with a much smaller community, our families. Having that in common led us to starting a podcast where we could share that passion for gaming with wives, husbands, significant others, and/or kids with our larger community of gamer friends.  We started a show called SharedScreens, got off to a decent start, but ultimately had to stop after very few episodes as real life got in the way. Since then, we’ve been itching to start again, but we wanted to make sure that we did it right. Well.. after waiting and planning for over a year and a half, we’re both beyond excited to announce that we’re back in business with a newly branded show called AddedXP.

AddedXP is a podcast all about being a gamer in that in ultimate co-op experience of living with more than just yourself. We plan on discussing more than just games (books, movies, music, media in general) but make no mistake, what we do will be gamer-centric. I would be hard pressed to think of many gamers I know that don’t carry the same sense of enthusiasm they have for games across those different media genres. We want to discuss with each other (and with you!) that additional experience (wink) of sharing those passions with those you hold most closely in your life. So, give us a listen, join in the conversation. We look forward to it!

You can find episode 0.5 at our site: where you can stream, download. or subscribe to it (via RSS) and we’ll soon also be available on iTunes.