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Glastonbury Gold Part 2: Robert Plant

Now I know what you are thinking, Robert Plant, the legendary front-man of Led Zeppelin is hardly some unknown breakthrough act that needs a bit of extra publicity but I was really impressed with just how diverse and interesting his Glastonbury set was with the Sensational Space Shifters.  Playing in the rain at 5:30 in the afternoon he was fairly low down the order warming up the crowd for Jack White and later Metallica.  That didn't stop people turning out in their thousands, whilst I am sure many were hoping for some old Zep classics (and they got some!) they would have been pretty impressed with the quality of his new material.

 The song doesn't remain the same but Plant still has it.

The song doesn't remain the same but Plant still has it.

Starting off with Babe I'm Gonna Leave and shortly after a funky eastern European acoustic version of Black Dog, he had the crowd eating out of his hand.  Then in almost storybook fashion the storm passed and the clouds broke as he played the standout track from his new album Lullaby and The Ceaseless Roar entitled Rainbow.  The minute the drums started and the melodic vocals kicked in I found myself swaying to this song as if it was an old favourite.  The intoxicating mix of instruments both haunt and hug you at the same time, it really is an almost tribal piece of music.

After watching this performance I couldn't wait to get my hands on his new offering and I must admit it is a real grower.  Filled with eastern European influences there is a real variety of instruments on here and the sounds they put out are fantastic.  There are an awful lot of string instruments here, plenty of banjo, guitar and uke on show along with a curious one stringed instrument called a riti which sounds like a high pitched violin.  It's definitely worth your while checking out both the Glastonbury performance and also Lullaby and The Ceaseless Roar, Robert Plant clearly still has a lot to offer and he really brings it on home with this album.