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Glastonbury Gold Part 1: Royal Blood

We have talked about these guys a little bit on the show the last couple of episodes, so I thought to myself what better way to get started on the site than write about one of the hottest bands in the UK right now Royal Blood.  Now I have to admit I only stumbled upon these guys whilst watching their Glastonbury festival highlights on television but what I heard really got me moving, a heavy blues/rock sound with some great riffs.  The two piece has become more and more prominent over the years and it's not a shock to see a guitar player and drummer up there giving a stripped down raw rocking sound but what made me look twice was the fact that this is a bass and drums combo that somehow manage to put out an incredibly full and powerful sound that you would expect from a more complete band line-up.

Getting the blood pumping at Glastonbury

Getting the blood pumping at Glastonbury

Tired of being in various bands that just couldn't get off the ground, bassist/vocalist Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher jammed together in 2013 and quickly realised that they could manage just fine with the two of them, Royal Blood was formed shortly afterwards.  The duo quickly threw themselves into the gig circuit and it wasn't long before they got a big break supporting the Arctic Monkeys at two shows in London earlier this year.  Their self titled debut album was released on the 25th August and hasn't been off my turntable since, what I love about it is the natural, almost live feel that does a great job of replicating those Glastonbury moments.  No surprise really given that the guys used only their live set up when recording this beauty, no extra instruments (bar the odd tambourine), no sampling, no layering of tracks and no overdubbing, this is as close to a live mix as you can get.

I mentioned earlier that I just happened to listen to these guys whilst watching festival highlights and they aren't the only ones! Over the course of the next few weeks I am going to try and bring you a few personal highlights from the Glastonbury festival this year, some may have already made their way to your eardrums but I guarantee a couple of surprises.  As for Royal Blood well I would definitely recommend you give them a listen, this is a really strong debut album and I am sure there is much more to come.  If you don't feel like paying for it then why not leave a comment below for a chance to win a digital copy of the album, the winner will be picked at random and announced on an upcoming show.