Review: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale


Of course the first thought that went into anyone's head when they first heard about this game was "OH BOY A SMASH BROS. CLONE!  SONY NEEDS TO BE MORE CREATIVE!"  I am here to tell you that other than the fighting genre, and the look of the game it is completely different and very unique.

For starters, you do not have a percentage "health meter" when playing PSASBR (Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale).  In fact, you do not have health at all.  Your main focus is gaining AP(AllStar Points) to unleash your Super Move(Level 1, 2, and 3).  You only are able to "kill" your opponent by successfully performing one of these Super Moves on your opposing fighter.  This is how this game has a completely different motive than Smash Bros.  In Smash Bros., your goal is to rack up percentage points on your opposing characters high enough to knock them off the map.  In this you are building your OWN meter to unleash your devastating attack on your enemy to finish them off.  To me this is more difficult as you don't have to easily hit someone that has 500% hit points to get a free point.  You must time your attack quickly and accurately to successfully pull off your move.

The attacks as well are different than Smash Bros.  You have three unique attack buttons on the ground and 3 in the air by utilizing the square, triangle, and circle buttons.  Your X button of course is to jump and L1 to block/evade. Your right joystick is for your grapples/throws that will steal AP from your opponent.  In Smash Bros. you have two attacks on the ground and in the air and your throws.

Now onto the fighters you will be able to use in this game.  You have 20 selectable fighters from different games at your disposal.  All characters have unique fighting styles, and this was perfectly done.  Your characters are below and I briefly have described their fighting style.

Big Daddy(Bioshock) - Heavy/Melee

Cole McGrath(Good) - Quick/Projectile

Cole McGrath(Evil) - Heavy/Projectile

Colonel Radec(Killzone) - Projectile

Dante(Devil May Cry) - Quick/Projectile

Fat Princess(Fat Princess) - Heavy/Melee

Heihachi Mishima(Tekken) - Quick/Hand to Hand

Jak and Daxter(Jak) - Quick/Projectile

Kratos(God Of War) - Quick/Melee

Nariko(Heavenly Sword) - Quick/Projectile

Nathan Drake(Uncharted) - Quick/Projectile

Ratchet and Clank(Ratchet and Clank) - Quick/Projectile

Sackboy(Little Big Planet) - Projectile

Sir Daniel Fortesque(MediEvil) - Quick/Melee

Raiden(Metal Gear Solid) - Quick/Melee

PaRappa The Rapper(PaRappa The Rapper) - Quick/Melee

Sly Cooper(Sly Cooper) - Quick/Stealth

Spike(Ape Escape) - Quick/Melee

Sweet Tooth(Twisted Metal) - Heavy/Melee

Toro Inoue(Sony Mascot) - Quick/Melee

DLC(Coming Soon FREE) - Emmett Graves(Starhawk) and Kat(Gravity Rush)

That makes 22 characters which is PLENTY for a starting franchise that could become something huge. The first Smash Bros on the N64 only came with 12 characters so this is much appreciated.

Your game modes are your standard free for all, team deathmatch, or however you want to mix it up (2v1, 3v1, 1v1).  You can have it set to a time limit or by stock lives.  The point system in time limit is 2 points for each kill and -1 for each death.  Stock lives speak for itself once you are out of lives you are out, and last man standing wins.

Your super moves vary.  Level 1 when pulled off can guarantee usually one kill but also has the potential if everyone is close to take out all 3 if you are in a full match.  Level 2 is a little bit stronger and has the potential to take out more than 3 based on the time limit you have with your characters level 2.  Level 3 is at least a guaranteed 3 kill but some characters(Kratos for example) will allow you to stock up on kills as you have a time limit to be invincible and take out as many enemies as possible.

The levels are combinations of two games from the characters in the roster.  They can range from Hades in God of War combined with Patapon to fighting in a Cargo Jet from Uncharted while watching Songbird shoot rockets at you from Bioshock Infinite.  When you hear the iconic tracks from the game I guarantee it will warm your heart with pure nostalgia.

The key to becoming good at this game is play through the story with each character.  The story itself is a tribute to any Sony fan and is definitely fun but you also get to learn how each character fights and moves.  You also have the option to practice and learn combos in a few extra game modes.  The key is to find your character and stick with it.  Learn every possible combo and practice.  Just like with any fighting game.

I will admit when I saw the roster I was a little skeptical about this being any good.  After picking this up mainly because it is the first retail game to be cross buy which means you get the Vita copy for free I am glad I did.  This game provides HOURS of entertainment locally with friends or online with random strangers.  I have yet to enter a match online where we did not have a blast beating the hell out of each other.  To any Sony fan that has played Sly, Uncharted, Killzone, God of War you owe it to yourself to check this out just for the trip down memory lane.