Status Quo is Optimal


We're approaching the next generation of consoles. Why?

What will the new consoles do that can't be done already? Oh wait, that's right, they're going to add things that we don't already have in order to make justifying a new console rational. But it's not rational yet in my opinion and the extra add-ons (like Wii-U controller for example) may not be enough in this current economy to sell a lot of new consoles.

Forget the economy comment, I'm not ready. And this is the first time I can remember in my entire gaming life that I wasn't excited for the next generation of consoles. I remember back when I was excited with news like this. It was for better graphics/sound (a noticeable improvement always over the prior generation), improved technology with less aliasing, faster load times, better controllers, additional features that made a remarkable difference like online game play and leader boards, etc. The newer consoles always offered something superior and as a result it was a desirable purchase.

Now I feel like the next generation is less about offering consumers an improved, worthy of the additional investment, experience and more about an arms race between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. The battle for your front room wages on and this time around we're losing. These machines aren't the fun box or the "Gamecube" but rather a television machine with movie and music capabilities that also plays games.

In order to 'win' this next generation, what will it take? Cheaper console price? More television/music capabilities than the next guy? Being first to market? Capturing the soccer mom audience?

Think I might hold off this next time around and rather keep playing the amazing backlog of incredible current generation games. Take more of a wait and see approach. I'm still not ready and with the amount of fabulous gaming at my fingertips today, why should I be?

Joel Sherfinski

Brookfield, WI 53005

Founder, Co-host & Producer