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Co-host & Writer

Karl Palmer is the only ABOG team member to be a part of the master race as he calls it. Aka he plays a lot of PC games. He's an avid football fan and a total honk for Rocket League. His love for that game is almost equal to his love of The Witcher 3 which he's played well over 500 hours. 

He's a keen musician from an early age playing drums since 16 years old. He also dabbles with guitar and singing and is quite good at both. When he isn't gaming or cranking tunes, Karl likes to bang the drums with a couple mates in a local band. 

Karl is a massive gamer and has been writing gaming articles since 2013. He appeared as a guest on episode 47 and fit so well was invited to join the team.


  • Email: Karl@ABOGpodcast.com
  • Twitter: @Srathem
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