A Band of Gamers (ABOG)

Video Games and Music Podcast

For fans of both video games and music. Side A Video Games and Side B Music.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the fast-paced gaming industry with the latest news, video game impressions and reviews. Discover the illuminating, irregular beat with a spotlight on great indie content you may have otherwise missed including video games, records, bands and craft beers. Delivered in a casual, conversational style by three positive-minded best mates who use the podcast as a means to find time for each other every other week outside of their busy lives, families and careers. It's like joining good friends in the pub for a chat and some laughs.

Side A Video Games - News, impressions and reviews

Side B Music - Recommended album from one of the co-hosts with a thorough discussion about it by all three. Then what the guys are listening to, recent gigs they attended and record collecting.